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We are the Ardrey Kell High School Technology Student Association, a school supported club that participates in several technology-based events and projects. AK TSA also competes against other schools' TSA clubs at the Regional, State, and National levels!

Student Projects

VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics

The Technology Student Association at Ardrey Kell builds robots to perform specific tasks both under drive control and autonomously for competition.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design

The Technology Student Association at Ardrey Kell creates and designs new trends in fashion.



Students from the Technology Student Association at Ardrey Kell create a website promoting awareness of the amazing technology behind drones.

Community Service

AK TSA volunteers in the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, collecting donations to help feed people in need. AK TSA participates in a campus beautification program, helping to pick up trash and keep Ardrey Kell clean. AK TSA builds robots that help are meant to help young kids learn.

Officer Team

President: Anusha Khansaheb
Vice President: Max Kegley Secretary: Keon Richard Kim
Treasurer: Makenzie Kelly Reporter: Anshool Pradhan Webmaster: Michael Xing


These are the results from NCTSA States, 2016. Congratulations to the following winners:

Event Place Members
Architectural Renovation 1st Jackson Dye, Rachel Ehrman, Anusha Khansaheb, Chase Ralston, & Katie Zhao
Biotechnology Design 1st Vibhu Ambil, Manivannan Senthil, & Katie Zhao
3rd Abdurakhmon Abdulatipov, Hannah Dong, Jin Gao, Aryan Gupta, Lucas Lu, & Carissa Tai
Career Preparation 1st Anisha Ponnapati
CAD 3D, Engineering 3rd Aryan Gupta
Debating Technological Issues 2nd Douglas Dubrowski & Matthew Lyons
Desktop Publishing 1st Sunnie Kwak
Essays on Technology 3rd Carolyn Sanderlin
Extemporaneous Speech 2nd Michael Xing
Flight Endurance 2nd Katie Zhao
Music Production 2nd John Casabonne, Ishan Jolly, Keon Kim, & Grant Kinsey
3rd Maxwell Kegley & Makenzie Kelly
Photographic Technology 2nd Sabrina Ho
Prepared Presentation 1st Manivannan Sentil
Scientific Visualization 3rd Alec Probst & Stephen Wardlaw
Structural Engineering 2nd Kevin Carney & Ishan Jolly
Systems Control Karan Malhotra, Hazim Mukhtar, & Samuel Unferth
Webmaster 1st Aviral Agarwal, Timmothy Rossow, Sarosh Santosh, & Michael Xing

An AK TSA Creation

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